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SaNa: Music

Real Sad Story

(The SaNa Band)
© Denise laSalle

Seems like every man I meet
Has gotta wife
He’s just looking for a girl
To put some spice in his life
He’ll lay a story on ya
That’s as heavy as lead
He don’t care who he hurts
Long as his desires are fed

He’ll say he ain’t getting’ no loving
In his home
He’ll say, “We’re living together
But we ain’t getting’ none”.
Then he’ll tell you that he needs you
Cause his wife don’t understand
He’ll say, “Before I met you baby
I was a sad and lonely man”.

And you know what I tell ‘em
That a real sad story
That’s a real sad story
That’s a real sad story
You can take your sad story
Tell it to somebody else

He’ll say my radiators busted
My car needs lights
And if I don’t get it fixed
I can’t come over tonight
If they turn off my phone
I can’t call you every day
I’m depending on you baby
I know you’ll help me find a way


I say I ain’t gonna help you
Pay your bills
And if you don’t call me
Another man will
I don’t care about your car
Your radiator or your lights
Maybe if you get grounded
You’ll stay home
And treat that woman right